Statiflo Introduces

Statiflo’s new website is live!

We’ve been working hard over the past few months to develop this new website, which we hope will help you find the information you are looking for more easily.

New features include a layout that makes for easier viewing on mobile/cell phones and tablets. We’ve also added a search feature on our Local Business Partners page so you can search by country, region or industry.

In our Downloads section you will find our new product brochure, freshly prepared for 2017, along with various case studies for each industry area and sizing questionnaires for all of our equipment. Please register with us in order to access these downloads. All users of our old website will have to re-register.

Remember that although the website has a new look , we haven’t changed our most important values. Statiflo are still committed to innovation and inspiration, cementing our position as world leaders in the field of static mixers, channel mixers, gas dispersion systems and associated technologies.

Please explore the site, bookmark us, and come back regularly for our latest news stories and information!