Statiflo Non-Ragging Channel Mixer (NRC)

A non-ragging static mixer for dosing additives into wastewater including raw sewage.  The Statiflo NRC Mixer has been designed specifically for P removal applications but can equally be used on any chemical dosing service on raw sewage where non-ragging properties are essential.  It has a unique variable geometry custom designed for the widest range of wastewater velocities and channel depths found on a typical wastewater treatment plant.

Statiflo NRC Mixers have been installed since 2008 and have consistently remained rag free and have required no maintenance.

Rendered cutaway of the Statiflo Non-Ragging Channel Mixer.


The mixer’s non-ragging design features:

  • Variable angle control vanes tuned to optimise performance within tight headloss constraints
  • Manual or automatic (power required) control vane options
  • Integral accessible sparger for chemical injection
  • Subsurface fixed vanes to boost mixing at low depth
  • Designed for easy installation in live open channels
  • Design adaptable for a wide range of channel sizes, aspect ratios, water depths and flowrates
  • No direct power requirements for mixing


Upgrading from commonly occurring dosing, using an open ended pipe, to a Statiflo NRC Mixer will provide many process benefits:

  • Very significant chemical savings
  • Improved primary sedimentation tank performance
  • Reduced BOD load
  • Higher sludge concentrations
  • Reduced Fe concentration in final effluent / sludge
  • Reduced or eliminated channel staining
  • Substantial cost savings