DesalMixer (DSM)

This is a range of static mixers designed specifically to meet the special requirements of the global desalination industry.

The Statiflo DesalMixer / DSM in a variety of arangements.

The Statiflo DSM provides the highest mixture quality with minimum dosing of additive(s), eliminating overdosing to enhance downstream separation efficiencies and membrane lifespan. The requirement for dosing lances with small additive release holes, aided by internal baffles, has been eliminated.

The Statiflo DSM has been independently tested for pressure drop and mixture quality (variation coefficient, CoV) by BHR Group, world leaders in fluid engineering, research & consultancy. Mixers have been tested at industry realistic fluid velocities and additive ratios and demonstrated to achieve better than industry standard mixture quality.



Pre-treatment applications for minimising biofouling, sealing and membrane plugging:-

  • Inlet blending
  • pH control
  • Disinfection
  • Anti – scalant
  • Coagulation
  • Flocculation


The very latest techniques for design and modelling have been used to develop the Statiflo DesalMixer (DSM) for turbulent flow dosing and blending applications in the pre-treatment and post-treatment stages of desalination processes.

CFD Study of the Statiflo DesalMixer / DSM.

Features & Benefits

  • 3 versions, ultra short length (0.25D), standard length (0.5D) and extended length (1.0D) – allowing ‘tuned’ mixer selection for both rapid (highest headloss) and slow mixing (lowest headloss) duties (e.g. coagulation and disinfection)
  • Single and multiple injection options.  The internal configuration diverts and swirls the mainstream into the additive release zone for efficient mixing without the need for internal spargers or baffles.  Undiluted additive is released at the pipe wall at the top of the mixer.
  • High mixture quality (typical CoV 0.05) is achievable up to as close as 3 diameters downstream, independent of ratio of mainstream to additive stream flowrates.
  • Custom engineered versions for insertion in customer’s piping.
  • Simple, robust configuration requiring virtually no maintenance.
  • No internal lances.
  • No small additive release holes to eliminate the possibility of blocking/plugging.
  • Available in all standard and custom diameters from 300mm to several metres.
  • No need for standby injectors.
  • Short length – low installed cost.
  • Low pressure drops – up to 70% less than other ‘short’ mixer designs.
  • Available in all industry standard materials of construction.