Custody Transfer (CT) Mixers

These static mixers designed to meet the special requirements and standards for custody transfer/fiscal measurement. Statiflo Custody Transfer mixers are specifically designed to meet the rigorous API 8.2 & ISO 3171 standards, utilising the unique Statiflo dual leading edge technology.


Statiflo Series 150-CT Mixer for Custody Transfer / Fiscal Measurement, complete with auxiliary connections.


Feature and benefits:

  • Custom design – to suit on-site requirements of length, number of auxiliary connections (including water injection connection), pressure and temperature ratings.
  • No direct power consumption.
  • Uniformly mixed product to meet ISO 3171 / API 8.2 standards.
  • No requirement for maintenance as a static mixer has no moving parts.
  • Statiflo mixers have been rigorously tested by an independant third party in wet lab tests. Our designs are not based on CFD models.
  • Elements are fully welded into the mixer housing.
  • Additional connections, lengths and reducers / cones can be accommodated as part of the mixer housing.
  • Mixers can be manufactured in a wide range of materials to suit clients needs.
  • Painting and NDT / QA / QC to meet meet stringent specifications.