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Following the unveiling of the all-new Statiflo Flow Conditioners at WEFTEC 2017, we have received incredible interest and a number of enquiries for the product.

Flow conditioning is used extensively in oil and gas measurement applications and provides the only reliable solution for flow meter accuracy, reliability and predictability.

Statiflo will also be working closely with municipal customers who are seeing an ever increasing requirement to improve flow meter accuracy.

Since the change of majority ownership of Statiflo in 2016, the company has sought to expand the range of products on offer to ensure Statiflo can meet as many of our customer’s requirements as possible.

We are very excited to be launching our new range of Statiflo Flow Conditioners, which complement our static mixers very well, as they too have no moving parts and require no external power supply or spares.

The addition of this range is a boost for our growing network of business partners around the world, as it gives them another innovative product to sell to customers.

At a time when costs really count, there is an increased need for flow meter accuracy and efficiency savings, meaning it’s the ideal time to add them to our suite of products.

For more information on the Statiflo Flow Conditioners, please visit the product page or alternatively contact us to see how Statiflo can help you.