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Worldwide Leaders in Static Mixers

Statiflo  is a world leader in the development and application of static mixers, inline static mixers, channel mixers, duct mixers, gas dispersion systems and associated technologies with thousands of customers in every process industry in over 80 countries.

Our headquarters are located in Macclesfield in the north west of England.

We also service industries throughout the world from offices strategically situated in the USA, Germany and Canada, as well as through our globally distributed network of business partners.

Statiflo Motionless Mixing technology is applied to a wide range of custom designed products:-

Statiflo Motionless Mixing technology has applications in almost all process industries, including but not limited to:

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Through experience, innovation and inspiration Statiflo continues to strengthen its reputation as the world leaders in the design and manufacture of static mixers, channel mixers, gas dispersion systems and associated technologies.

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