Statiflo Static Mixers, Channel Mixers and Motionless Mixing Technology

Statiflo Static Mixers, Channel Mixers and Motionless Mixing Technology

Pulp & Paper

Statiflo supplies static mixers to the pulp and paper industry in all sizes and materials of construction including stainless steel, PTFE, Alloy 20, Hastelloys, titanium and FRP (GRP).

Typical applications are:

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  • acid dilution, caustic dilution and pH control
  • stock dilution
  • stock blending
  • chemical, filler and additive blending
  • low consistency bleaching
  • green liquor coagulant addition
Statiflo Bowater Donnacona, Quebec Mill

Customers include:
Abitibi-Consolidated · Australian Newsprint · Boise Cascade · Bridgewater Paper · Champion International · Consolidated-Bathurst · International Paper · Kimberley-Clark · Metsä Tissue · Millar Western · Norske Canada · Papierfabrik Louisenthal · St Regis Paper · Scott Paper · Shotton Paper

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